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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Online Comment Editor

So Microsoft Word has this little feature where you can comment on documents. The problem is, you need the document. When a teacher asks for a paper, they can ask for it printed (hellish to go through and comment) or in .doc format (hellish to go through because you have to open each document in Word every time, which is a slow process.

So there's a solution. Blogger and other sites have recently been featuring an HTML-based editor like the one I'm typing in right this moment to provide for Word-like editing. So students can type things in Word, paste them in here, and have a regularly formatted document... But comments are still nebulous. - or not. I've been working on this for today and yesterday. The one difficulty it still has is that it can't create comments when there are HTML tags inside the paragraphs - so bolding text is out of the question. I'm thinking of a solution to that at this moment. Regardless, this is a neat little system that I'll be putting into OpenEduWeb. Mucho coolness.


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