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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Developments in the World of College

I consistently surprise myself with my utter laziness. I've found that I am completely and utterly unable to focus on work anymore. I don't even know why this is. The only thing I can half-manage focus on is the simple crap we have to do for Computing for Engineers. Now, at the same time, I am extremely capable of focusing on programming, be it web or otherwise. This worries me. The reason is simple - what was once a half-healthy obsession with computers is, I think, turning into an unhealthy one. Solution? Heheh. Ask an addicted seven-pack-a-day smoker what the solution to his problem is. Sucky... Very sucky. I have a Chem exam tomorrow that I think I might manage to force myself to study for, but I won't study much...

Then again, I know the other thing this is a side effect of - the fact that I never studied (never really had to) in High School. All my teachers pretty much told me that was gonna come back to bite me. Say hello to my little dog with sharp teeth, come to bite me. Oh well. At some point it'll sink in that without keeping HOPE I have no chance (in life and all). I'm sure I'll pull out of it at the last minute. I usually do. I just don't know if the last minute will be soon enough this time...


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