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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ahh, the End of the Debates

So, the debates are over as of today. The two candidates had their chance to show everyone in America at once what they thought and who was better. In the first one, GW totally screwed up, whereas in the second two both candidates were very poised and well-prepared. But what is the real effect of today's debate? Slim. Very slim. Why? Because none of the candidates said anything new. The public had already heard everything that they repeated today. The most interesting point was the question asked about the strong women in the lives of the two candidates. This was a chance for both candidates to cool down from the insults they'd been tossing at each other and actually agree on something (if for no other reason, because bad-mouthing the 'strong women in their life' would totally ruin their image).

Aside from that, though, tonight's debate was reasonably pointless. The other two were rather interesting, especially the town hall one last week at WashU. Now, I suppose it's time to wait until November 2nd. Get out and vote, you American bums ;). Does it really matter to me who wins? Yes. Certainly. Being a resident, I'll be getting hit with the dumb mistakes Bush made very soon. But does it matter enough to justify having to call myself an American? Nope. And it's going to stay that way.


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