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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mispredictions and the Pain of Grades

We run into mispredictions all the time. Just think about it for a few minutes - the weather is the best example, probably. The place mispredictions are most annoying, however, is grades. You walk out of an exam, you should be able to tell just about how it went.

Generally speaking, I seem to be utterly unable to do that. If I walk out of an exam feeling good about it, I don't know whether I'm going to do incredibly well or fail miserably. Wednesday's chem exam is an excellent example. I walked out of that going 'Okay, I didn't ace it, I may not even have gotten an A, but I definitely got a low B at least'. 64. Sixty-freakin-four. Just shoot me now. This is four points LESS than what I got on the last one. The biggest difference being that this time I'm further below the class average than I was above it the first time around. Wow. Talk about your misprediction from hell.

And this means that I simply and absolutely suck at chemistry. Then again, I knew that when I went into the class. But it also means I need to start studying more. Up until now, I've been reasonably unable to study because I'm a lazy ass who spends too much time on the computer (see the post about unhealthy addictions). Now, I somehow have to put my brain into overdrive and try to actually pass the class. I still have a chance, mind you - the grades on the respective sections of the final can replace my current grades. But the fact that I'm going to have to rely on that is a problem. A big fucking problem.

On the bright side, the GT Model UN is next Monday and Tuesday. Great. That's also fall break. It means I won't be getting my exam back until two Tuesdays from now. Well Fuck. I'd better do well on the CS exam next week. And my hopes for the Calc exam are low. Oh yeah. Way to start off college.


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