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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Child Longing?

So recently I've been feeling this longing to have children... Children all of a sudden have this emotional attraction for me that they didn't have before. (For those of you who are screaming 'pedophile' - not that kind of attraction, fools...) Sign of maturing? Maybe. Who knows. Last night I saw Man On Fire. Good movie. I suppose Dakota Fanning can be considered a good actress just by the fact that she makes you love her as a child in the brief moments she has on screen. Amusing, but true. Or maybe I'm just in a phase where I love every child I see :). Regardless, I'm pretty sure I'm having children when I grow up now. The rewards just seem to pile up, while the negatives tend to stay steady - too much work, hehe. Who knows, we will see.


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