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Saturday, December 04, 2004

And So Ends a Day of Complete Ughness...

Yep, the day is over. I'm about to go for a shower and then νανάκια. Whew. About time, too. Emptied the living room, covered everything but the areas to be painted, but together the thing to paint the ceiling a couple of floors up, painted and painted and painted, ate lunch, and then went through allll of our Chem homework for this semester to determine what I needed to focus on. So now I've got the list of things I need to focus on. Tomorrow, I'll probably go through as much calc homework as I can to get the list of things I need to focus on in there. Then, Monday morning is computing for engineers quick study, then afternoon is computing for engineers exam, and then the rest of the weeks is probably going to be in half-days of chem and calc.

Oh, and, of course, Babylon 5 every night :)

I'm going to die. Yay. Ugh. Mimble-wimble.


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