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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Friends... Not Relationships...

It's funny, it finally came to me a few days ago. Earlier I thought what I was really missing was a relationship. But that's really not it. What I'm missing is friends. I have three good friends that I can think of. Really good friends, to whom I can talk about just about anything. And that's fine. But how many friends do I have overall? Four? Five? Not enough, that's for certain. The downside of moving twice in high school, I suppose, is the few friends I came away from there with.

It's funny, it used to be this would be exactly the kind of thing I wouldn't care about. But suddenly it matters. And as it does, I find myself with no knowledge of how to make new friends or strengthen friendships that are already there. < chuckle > The problems of apathy become crystal clear all of a sudden...


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