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Friday, December 03, 2004

Repeat After Me...

CHEM1310 *IS NOT ORGANIC CHEMISTRY*. I cannot BELIEVE that we're having the shit he taught us about organic chem on our final. It's not even in the curriculum. Sure, it was mildly interesting, but if I want to learn organic chem, I WILL TAKE THE ORGANIC CHEM COURSE. Jesus... Now I have to study that on top of everything else, as if there wasn't enough I didn't understand.

Not to mention the fact that organic chem seems to manage to bring together the parts I most hate about Biology and Chemistry. And the key thing I hate about Biology is pointless memorization. Plus you can't even see anything where organic chem is concerned, whereas in Bio you can at least point out certain things and certain processes... The stuff we learned is just dumb naming... AARGHH!!


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