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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Week of Hell? So It Seems...

This officially marks the second shitty day of this week. But this isn't a 'I'm feeling like crap. Aww.' shitty.

Yesterday was nice. Calculus we did eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and I pretty much got it. Then Chemistry we did review, which is always good and reasonably effortless. Then CS David Smith told us about some really cool stuff he did back twenty years ago with programming and some other neat things.

And then, I went home. Now, this is generally a good thing. However, on this particular instance, I had to iron. So as I ironed, I decided to watch the recently-downloaded Babylon 5 Pilot. After having gotten through the better part of the first two seasons, that episode was shit. But that's okay. It still wasn't bad.

Problem is, then I got to working on my Chem lab. For over six hours. I didn't get much accomplished, since I got stuck on the second part, where my results weren't making sense. I also worked on it for about three hours this morning. Not to worry, the results still don't make sense.

Then, I ate dinner. At 1:30 in the morning. Oy. Finally, I was fortunate enough to wrap my day up with the last two episodes of Season 2 of Babylon 5. Which were spectacular. Especially Jack the Ripper. Yes, Jack the Ripper.

As for this morning - I woke up, worked on chemistry and accomplished nothing, and now I'm here in English. Later today I have my lab practicum. Yay for cheering my day up. And, to top it all off, in order to fix the vast problems with my research report draft, I'll probably have to rewrite a better part of it.

Just kill me.


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