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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Arrogance... Ugh..

Quick note: This is not brought on by anything in particular.

I have so fucking had it with people who consistently think they are better than everyone else at everything. I have had it with those they already know everything there is to know, regardless of what topic they think that about.

I also hate it when someone tries to force upon me their ideas because they believe their ideas are better, or more correct, or whatever they may think.

But back to the very first sentence. Arrogance is such an annoying trait in people. Everyone has it, and I'm no exception. It's a matter of how obvious it is. Some people are perfectly self-deprecating, even though they may internally believe themselves better. That's the kind of person I like the most. Because I don't give a shit what they think inside. What matters is appearance. As simple as that.

My older brother argues that it's perfectly all right to be arrogant, provided that you're justified - that is to say, provided that you are, indeed, better than those around you. No. It isn't. Why not? Because it's just as annoying to consistently make it clear that you consider yourself superior, be you superior or not.

A perfect example of arrogance vs no arrogance is the Debian distribution's community versus that of Gentoo. Naturally, there are exceptions on both sides. But for the most part, the Debian people are elitist arrogant people, whereas the Gentoo people are nice, helpful people. They probably know more than you. If they do, they will try to help you. If they help you, they will do it nicely. You are not scum simply because you're new to the world of Linux.

And that's what I strive for. That is one of the things I want to have - a total lack of arrogance.

And do *not*, under *any* circumstances, make the mistake of confusing arrogance and pride. I'm perfectly proud of my programming skills. That's about the only thing I have to be proud of, but I'm proud of it. Do I think I know everything there is to know about programming? Fuck no. Do I think I know more than, say, Scott about programming? Yes. Do I act like it? Only when I'm trying to teach the concepts he doesn't know. Take another example - do I feel I know more about programming than my computing for engineers teacher? Not a chance in hell. Do I think I will ever know that much about it? I can only hope. But do I feel it constantly rubbed into me that I know less? No.... Because it doesn't matter. Because that isn't the point. I would hate to be the one who turns someone else off of programming or whatever because I was arrogant.

Wow. That actually came out a lot worse (quality-wise) than it was shaping up to be, hehe.

It's interesting, back a couple of years ago, I went to a party that one of my mom's friends was holding. Probably for New Year's, but I can't remember exactly. What was different about this party was one of the things that happened that day. One of the people there has a son who hung out with my brother for a little while. So he comes up to me in the middle of this party and tells me (paraphrasing) 'you know, you're such a nice person. I tell my son, I want you to grow up to be like Antonio'. Cue me almost spitting out the stuff I was drinking with shock. And that was my weird anecdote for the day. That still freaks me out to this day. Because I consistently think 'I am most definitely NOT a good enough person for ANYONE to be modelling their child after me'. There's just no fucking way.

Oh, and for those of you who're near GT - you should go see the DramaTech production of Picasso at the Lapin Agile 'cause it rocks. I already said that, but I say it again after seeing the show again. Well? What are you waiting for? GO! 8pm, tomorrow, then next wed-sat and the wed-sat after that. 5$ students, 10$ adults.
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