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Friday, June 18, 2004


That's right, I now have a GMail account. Unbelievable.
Un-flippin-believable. GMail behaves like an application on my
computer, its that damn fast. Did I mention unbelievable? Even better
than I could possibly have imagined. This is truly cooler than I could
have imagined it. All the little things are noticeable. For example,
when you want extended search options, you click the link for it, and
the page doesn't change. Instead, JavaScript is used to pop up the
options. Truly impressive. Rock on, Google. There is nothing that
stands in the way of their becoming by far the dominant free email
service in the market, except perhaps this privacy idiocy, which, if
people are worried about it, they deserve not using GMail. Whoo! I
love this :-)


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