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Monday, June 07, 2004

Ronald Reagan's Dead

And I care because.....? Not like he's done anything since he got out of office. As for when he was in there? Please... All he did was screw the economy.

But by far the funniest thing is how Americans have somehow gotten it into their brains that Reagan single-handedly took down the USSR and that his economic reforms somehow caused the boom five years after his presidency.

The first is easely the most amusing. The USSR did itself in. Gorbachev, with his reforms, was the one who brought the USSR to its knees, albeit unintentionally. Reagan did jack shit to help that, except encouraging Gorbachev in his reforms. Margaret Thatcher said recently something along the lines that millions are free today because of Reagan. Free? Because Russia is, of course, so free... Freer than China, perhaps, but certainly not free. As for attributing that to Reagan... puh-leeze....

And the economy, oh that's a fun one. Basically, the Republicans have subscribed to the delayed-reaction theory so that their candidates are always the ones who make the economy good. Nevermind how delayed the reaction of the economy is to Republican 'improvements', it's still them who make the economy good and the Democrats who make it bad. Brilliant. < sigh > Sometimes, conservatives are so amusingly idiotic. No offense to the intelligent ones, of course. But if you subscribe to either of the above ideas, you've gone one notch down on the intelligence scale in my eyes.


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