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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Die Sears...

So I got up at 8 this morning to wait for some guy from Sears to come and finally fix our fscking washing machine. The time slot they gave us was very precise - 8 through fucking 12. So the overall result is, I've been sitting here all morning, not taking a shower so that I don't miss the door, and NOBODY SHOWED UP. Needless to say, I'm rather upset. Either the guy shows up in the next half hour or I go burn down the nearest Sears. Okay, that might be overkill. But I'm still slightly pissed.

Meanwhile, my English Research Report has me fearing that I wrote it totally wrong, and that writing it in the fashion that I'm supposed to write it would result in a paper with not enough substance to justify its existence. This is a problem. But hey, I'm good. Now if I could only make some more friends....


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