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Monday, November 15, 2004

Middle East Again

My dad told a fascinating story today. Apparently, several years back, he saw a TV show where they were interviewing both Arafat and Rabin. And apparently, the question came up about what to do with Jerusalem. Arafat and Rabin basically said that they would be willing to share Jerusalem, but neither wanted it to be split in half or go completely to the other side. What a solution. Did it ever happen? Of course not. Rabin was shot, amongst other things. What can you say when you realize that both sides had people willing to compromise that way? What the hell is with all of this fighting?

It will only end when they want it to end. When both sides are tired of the fighting. Both sides claim to be tired, yet they still fight with no progress either way. Will the fighting end? Not in my lifetime, I think...


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