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Friday, November 12, 2004


Today really sucked... Classes weren't bad (except for the fact that my chem teacher decided that since we'd finished earlier than planned, instead of reviewing we would keep going), but then after classes... First of all, I came home, ate some dinner, and then went out and walked for an hour. Then I got home again, watched the tail end of Angel and all of Charmed. And then got smacked with this weird depression...

End result: Instead of going to see Picasso at the Lapin Agile as I was originally planning, I went walking on campus. For over an hour and a half. Walked mostly on East Campus, the dorm and the frats and the stadium. Stared a lot at the skyscraper next to the Bellsouth building, just watching the clouds hiding and showing the lights at the top. And then came home with my mom and her friend, who went to see the show, and had pizza, and here I am now. Most of the depression is gone, I guess, but the loneliness isn't.

It's funny, my mom's friend's son asked me what I did. And I answered the truth - a lot of nothing and the occasional walking. This is really the first time I actually haven't had a life. Usually I could program or read or whatever. But now I have no life whatsoever. Kind of scary. And very boring. And depressing, of course.


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