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Sunday, November 14, 2004

At A Loss for Words

Or at a loss for a voice, anyway. One thing you don't want to do at a party is lose your voice. As I found out today. Because it happened to me. You see, I went, with my older brother, of course, to the closing night party for Picasso. Problem is, about a fifth of the way through, I for some reason randomly lost my voice. There's a problem with parties when you can't talk - that parties are all about talking. Not being able to talk leads to lots of suckiness. I am 100% sure that I would have had fun had I been able to speak. Instead, I looked around looking a bit dumb. But, I still preferred being there to being here with nothing to do, I daresay...

Also, my older brother bought Encore (yay!), and there is one track everyone has to hear, whether you like Eminem or not (aside from Mosh, that is, but Mosh is one whose video you have to watch to really get the full impact) - Mockingbird. It's Eminem explaining to his daughter basically why her mom isn't around. Truly wonderful.

And that, I think, will most probably conclude the good aspects of this week. Tomorrow, I have to at least start working on my lab. Most likely I will go home for a while. And I will probably do nothing else. Yay... Ideas, anyone?


Blogger Kahlila Tovia said...

Hehe...I went by DT to see if you were there...but to no avail (this was after the show was out--I guess you were in the back).

And guess what---I FOUND THE F'ING 10 dollars. In my pants pocket...what a fool. Fool fool fool. I was going to go, but my orginizational skills have caught up with me again. Alas, I think it's time I improve on that!.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Antonio said...

Most likely you came before the show was out. It finished closer to 10 last night because there was a short one-act right afterward. My older brother and I did leave about five minutes after the doors opened, however, so you may have missed me...

This is why I keep money in my wallet :). Also, that's why I always take my wallet out before I take my pants off. I have forgotten to do that a couple of times; however, due to the fact that my pants are usually slung over a chair, the wallet usually falls out anyway.

The closing night show was better than the others, btw - although apparently the two nights before were even better than that. Regardless, it was fun stuff.

12:32 PM  

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