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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Arafat Dies

ABC News: Palestinian Leader Arafat Dies at 75

Well, Arafat is dead. He has been leading the Palestinians for a very long time. Now we'll see whether all that bullshit about his being an obstacle to peace was true (you can tell what I think). He was responsible, in part, for the Oslo Peace Accords. I doubt I need to remind everyone that the person who was assassinated for that achievement in peace was not Arafat, but rather Rabin, the Israeli Prime Minister, who was killed by a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Like when Rabin died, this marks the passing of a great man who was willing to stand up for his people. Now we'll see how badly Bush's second attempt at peace will fail. The difference is, this time, he won't be able to blame Arafat. He'll be forced to blame another Palestinian. Because the Israelis are angels. Obviously.


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