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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

JFK Reloaded

Yeah, so some company in the UK made a game where you play Lee Harvey Oswald and attempt to assassinate JFK in a fashion as close as possible to actual events.

Needless to say, US reaciton has been less than kind. I found a neat little comment on that reaction:

"And it’s quite funny what winds them up. You’d think that starving half the planet to death and destabilising much of the world in pursuit of making its richest citizens richer would cause a certain amount of outcry but apparently not, that’s all fine.

What Americans really seem to hate is a computer game in which you try and blow mafia-linked womaniser JFK’s head off, playing as CIA stooge Lee Harvey Oswald.


For reference, John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 amid the Vietnam War, an historic event deemed acceptable for recreation, and less than 20 years after the US let off the only atomic weapon ever aimed at people, with 140,000 civilian deaths recorded."

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