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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Republican Reaction

Here is what Andrew Sullivan has to say about the Hill's removal of 'protection rules' for DeLay:

DeLay is ruthless. But he's not dumb. The Republicans know that their public support is tenuous; that their increased numbers were primarily a function of gerrymandering. Bending ethics rules for their own purposes was never going to fly. As one of them noted, "Constituents reacted. We're blessed with a leadership that listens." (source) The listening will have to continue. Or else.

He forgets to mention that many, many inside the Republican party were disgusted by the "ethics changes." Loyalty only goes so far. Eventually, personal morals kick in. Also, Daschle is gone and DeLay is also on the way out. Coincidence, or a mindset shift?


Blogger Linda said...

Delay instituted this change back to the old rules himself. Of course Andrew couldn't be bothered to report that part. Delay is one of the very few Repubs (who is not) one of the namby pamby "can't we all just get along" spineless idiots that seem to be running the party these days. Seems Repubs can't quite get it in their heads that WE WON. Our agenda rules, at least that is the way the Dims did it. The fact that House seats RARELY change hands is BECAUSE of Gerrymandering. At least the Repubs HAVE ethics rules. Andrew IS NOT a Republican. Real Republicans are loyal, something Andrew wouldn't know anything about. Andrew Sullivan and McCain two complete IDIOTS we seem to have to suffer.

6:54 PM  

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