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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

How Friends (Don't) Change

It's funny, lately I've been reading all about how people's friends have changed in ways they never expected in college, or how college has changed them so much that they see old friends in a completely different light, or other similar statements.

I'm happy to say that no one has changed unexpectedly in my life. Friends and acquaintances are still as they were before, even if some superficial changes have happened. Maybe this is because I tend to only make friends with people I intend to be friends with for a while to come. Maybe it's because I try to see right through to the heart of a person when I'm getting to know them, rather that scraping at the top. But no one has changed in a way that I can say is fundamentally unexpected.

And that's a comforting thought, I think. At least I can feel that I somewhat know these people, if I can say with certainty now that I knew them well enough before to see the lack of internal change now.

[EDIT]It's also nice to see that I still rarely make sense...[/EDIT]


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