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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Peace reached. Genocide continues.

About a year ago, Sudanese rebels realized that the tiny region of Darfur is the perfect place to get away with genocide. And so, the murder of countless Africans in Sudan ensued. Today 50,000 civilians are dead and 1.4 million are displaced. But the Sudanese rebels do not deserve all the credit – the government also took part. They hired thugs and mercenaries that go by the name of the Janjaweed militia, to hunt down the rebels. This militia, in turn, began raping women, abducting them to use as sex slaves, and kidnapping children away from their respective families.

Now, a peace deal is reached between the Sudanese government and some of the rebels. The ordinary people, who are as usual the primary sufferers of military conflicts, sang in joy at the downtown of Nairobi, Kenya. What is ironic about this peace deal is that it doesn't include all the rebels. Some, in western Darfur, are still continuing the genocide. Read more here.


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