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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

To the Creators of CSS - < Bow >

Okay, so I just sat down to *finally* try and figure out what the whole hubbub about floats and relative positioning and stuff with CSS is about. Oh my flippin' god CSS rocks soo much more in my book now. I mean, it was already awesome, but this... *dance*. I can still think of a few instances where tables might still be necessary, but seriously... this rocks beyond belief. So, to the creators of CSS - < bow >. May you continue to rock this much. And to the W3C - ditto. And to the creators of Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox - < greater bow >. May you continue to make such exemplary products that can take such dreams as CSS and turn them into real, usable, stunning examples of what human ingenuity can achieve. Rock on.


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