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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

New Articles

Just to inform our readers, we have published two new articles:

"This column sponsored in part by..." by Michael Maio
"Still Separate But Equal" by Michael Belinsky


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
Great site and articles.

Belinsky, unfortuantely that's happening everywhere. Unfortunately, we find it hard to associate ourselves with others who are different from us. It's a hard human instict and habit to beat and it can only be done when we look past our physical features and try to truly understand the other person and there aren't a lot of people unconsciously willing to do it.

Mike, that would really suck if they starting about new vehicles and medicine and what not on the news. Like CNN isn't already biased and happy to inform us about things that aren't necesarrily important to the society, we just need to add more things to it to make it more well-rounded.
Hey but the brighter side, maybe we'll get to see funnier ads or no ads at all! That's always a plus when watching a show or a movie.


3:59 PM  

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